[Elfsea] Ebay Alert - Holy Crap!

Stacy E. Dickey medievalbelle at yahoo.com
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   thank you... I totally agree. I made the post about this armour
"just in case", not to set-off a frenzy of accusations. We honestly
know very little about this armour, the seller, or how the armour was
aqquired. Yes, I believe it is wise to keep an eye out for such
possible situations (heck, I've been trying to locate my own armour
on EBay for a year now). But I think we should just let it rest until
more is known... and even then, leave it to the rightful owner and
proper police officials to handle should it be proven the armour was

Au Dieu,

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> Subject: RE: [Elfsea] Ebay Alert - Holy Crap!
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> Holy Crap, folks...
> It's good of everyone to watch out for potential bad people and
> thefts, but
> don't you think you're overreacting just a *tad*?  People sell
> things all
> the time; there are hundreds of people who raid garage sales and
> re-sell the
> stuff on Ebay, as well as those who simply sell off their old gear
> when they
> stop playing or buy new stuff...
> Valentyn


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