[Elfsea] RE: Elfsea Heavy Weapons Loaner Armor Status...

Shetler Victoria vixster13 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 20 12:14:28 PDT 2003

Here is the Status of the Heavy Weapons Loaner Armor, after I have gone through it today:
There is one total complete set of armor for someone who is about my size?! But, there is no back of hand protection for the small person..  There is one set of Large, back of hand protection, arms with elbow cops, and a really scary sugarloaf/great helm..
We have no swords, no shields at all.. The toolbox has no tape, rivets, or markers...
SOoo, if we have anyone who is Large or X Large...  They are outta luck with what we have..  
Please if anyone can bring some loaner stuff for larger folks it would be appreciated..  I know Master Richard mentioned he might bring some old loaner stuff he had.. I also need to turn in last Sunday's Waivers to him, as well..
I can create a definitive list of what we have/don't have if needed and bring it to Populace Meeting.. For baronial purposes..
There ya go,
Isolda von Rugen
aka Vix

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