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This sounds like fun!

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Greetings all,

Yesterday I posted my amazement that SCA Cooks mirrored my thoughts 
when it began discussing an older SCA-based cookbook, Travelling 
Dyshes. Specifically I said:

> I've been thinking about, very seriously considering, soliciting ideas

> for
> recipes that people would have chosen for an updated version of what
> some people would argue is a classic SCA-based cookbook.

I also wrote:

> What I'd like to do is sit down and think a bit and then post some
> things I'm looking for specifically.

Here's what I hope for: period dishes that you wouldn't be embarrassed 
to serve to a complete stranger off the street at a potluck, camping 
event, vigil, or party. Dishes that travel well. Dishes that survive 
reheating. Dishes that can be served cold or room temperature. Dishes 
that can be prepared in advance and frozen.

But above all: period food that tastes good.

Do you have a favorite SCA potluck dish? Have you done a vigil spread, 
Rose luncheon, or peerage dinner in the middle of a campground with no 
running water or electricity? Do you have a dish that you love that you 
can start cooking at home, take out half way, stuff in an empty cooler 
and have come out falling off the bone or perfectly al dente? (Master 
Huen of Godecookery.com is my hero as he does this all the time.)  I 
would love to hear about your recipe.

Ideally, these would be extant recipes in their original language (with 
references!), translated or normalized into modern American English, 
and then interpreted by an SCA cook who loves good food. If I'm that 
interpreter, yeah for me! as I've eaten good food. If someone else is 
the interpreter, yeah for me, as I've met another cook who's eaten good 
food and I get to see how their mind works during the research process. 
I'll take just suggestions of recipes if you have the manuscript source 
you got them from.

I'd *really* love to see some of the underrepresented cuisines get some 
attention. 60 people forwarding me their favorite cuskynole recipe is 
great, but I'd like to see a variety of things, things like recipes 
from Alessio (hey Johnnae!) or Evelyn (the salads, of course) or Scappi 
(hey Helewyse!), something from the Manuel de Mujeres or from one of 
the Dutch cookbooks that have recently been translated like the 
Cocboeck, some of the German corpus vegetable recipes (hey Bogdan!), 
more of the Portuguese that we've started to see coming about (thank 
you Faerisa!). And what about some of those recipes from the kaseki 
ryori meals or Soup for the Quan (anyone worked out the meat jerky 
recipe yet)? Dishes that weren't necessarily available to be cooked 
when the book Travelling Dyshes was first published.

It's a crazy idea. But I think it can work. And even if it only 
stimulates discussion, then I'll consider it a successful venture. 
People are always wondering what they can bring to a potluck, serve at 
a camp party at Pennsic, or use as vigil food under less than ideal 
conditions. That's ultimately why I want to do this. To give people 
options and ways to make those options happen and to put it into a book.

If you have a recipe, saw one you liked that you think might work, or 
want to brainstorm with me, feel free, either public or private. And if 
you think anyone else might be interested, feel free to forward them 
this note.

Ever in Service,


Iasmin de Cordoba, Roaring Wastes, Middle Kingdom
(mka, Gaylin Walli, south-eastern Michigan, USA)
iasmin at comcast.net

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