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Lisa Duke arabella at elfsea.net
Sat Jun 28 23:33:19 PDT 2003

That's because it probably supposed to be Seamus at elfsea.net   (notice the
.net  not .org)  Timothy of Glastinbury offers this to our members free of
charge.  mine is Arabella at elfsea.net, my hubby fearghus at elfsea.net and there
are several others who use Timothy's services.  Try resending your message.

Timothy can describe this much better than I.


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I've spoken to Seamus by telephone; this has been going on for about a
week, with delviery delays, but now the messages are returned.  Admin, he
probably has a new adderss or something.

                                 ---= Morgan (back in the Midrealm)

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