[Elfsea] RE: Elfsea.org and Elfsea.net

morgancain@earthlink.net morgancain at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 29 05:33:29 PDT 2003

Thanks, everybody, for helping to solve the myster!  Somehow, we didn't
catch that the messages had been sent through to elfsea.org, which is not
the correct one for personal email addresses.  Once sharper eyes pointed
out the error, I think messages will go smoothly.

In defense, I was doing "reply all" to a message from someone else, and had
just assumed they were doing the correct email addresses, because we'd been
emailing in the past.  *sigh*  Guess not.

I think it also means I need to check my address book when I get home, and
make sure the wrong, nonworking email address didn't install itself.

                        ---= Morgan (still in the Midrealm)

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