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Estella Flather eflather at flash.net
Mon Sep 1 07:49:23 PDT 2003

Greetings from Mistress Stella
former Marshallate Secretary-
former Seneschal-
OK, I think we need a reminder about Kingdom rules for official fighter
practices. Since our Barony has been on the brink of destruction recently
and we are still being watched very closely, we need to be very careful
about following all the rules exactly. This is really important!
    Any fighter practice which is published in a group's newsletter is
considered an "official" practice. At official practices for fighting to
occur there must be a warranted marchal, such as the groups Knight Marshal
for chivalric fighting to occur or the Rapier Marshal for rapier fighting to
occur. If they cannot be there, there must be a warranted officer of the
group, such as the Seneschal, Treasurer, Minister of A&S, etc. (anyone
currently on a Kingdom officers signed roster) AND someone who is authorized
as a Marshal for that activity on their current fighter authorization card.
If you are that marshal you need to be responsible for the safety of the
participants, inspect their gear and check their blue cards. If they do not
have a blue card, they may only fight once they have signed a roster waiver.
The wiavers on the back of the fighter cards do not count! (Yes, we tried to
get Corporate to let us use those, but they wouldn't let us.) The roster
waiver may be used more than once as long as the date by each name is filled
in. The roster waivers must be turned in to the Seneschal in a timely
manner, I would suggest not holding on to them more than two weeks. The
Seneschal is responsible for sending the original and a copy to the Roster
Secretay and keeping a copy on file. If there is no practice at the normal
time or it is cancelled because of rain or an event, the Seneschal needs to
send a note to the roster Secretay to say there was no practice that day, or
if everyone who fought had a blue card, so there were no rosters signed. Not
sending in waivers was one of the reasons sited for our latest trouble with
Kingdom, so we need to be really careful about this.
    Trying to be of service, HE Stella
Please don't shoot me , I'm only the messenger!

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