[Elfsea] Seneschal Back in town

Sandra Barton dragons.sb at comcast.net
Mon Sep 1 11:27:14 PDT 2003

Will try and come but need directions to the meeting.
Sandra Barton
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> I have been out of town this weekend. I was orginally scheduled to be back
> for the workday on Sunday. But stuff happens. After the meeting I will
> the story about the dog, the wheel barrow and the horse trailer.
> We do have business meeting tonight at Caelin's at 7:00pm. All Elfsea
> Defender Coordinators please come if at all possible.
> Most of the meeting will be spent on Elfsea Defender.
> Just a reminder to send in those award Recs.
> Well I have over 400 hundred emails to go through and a lesser number of
> phone messages.
> I will see you all tonight at Cealin's
> Master Richard Fairbourne
> Elfsea Seneschal
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