[Elfsea] Defender Hotels

Rayburn, Timothy TRayburn at healthaxis.com
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Here are the nearby ones, I believe all of these are by the Dairy Palace
exit, the only one I am not sure about is Canton Motel.  I've stayed at both
the Best Western and the Days Inn, both are perfectly good establishments.


 Best Western Inn
(903) 567-6591     2251 N Trade Days Blvd, Canton, TX   
  Canton Motel
(903) 567-6011    451 W Highway 243, Canton, TX  
  Days Inn
(903) 567-6588    17299 Interstate 20, Canton, TX 
  Holiday Inn Express
(903) 567-0909    2406 N Trade Days Blvd, Canton, TX    

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Greetings Friends,

    I'm trying to set plans for some out-of-kingdom visitors I'm expecting.
Does anyone have the list of Canton hotels handy? I'm mostly seeking the
ones around the Dairy Palace exit.


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