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morgancain@earthlink.net morgancain at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 10 07:50:53 PDT 2003

> This month's cook's guild will be again on Middle Eastern cooking
> in honor of the competition at Defender. Morgan Cain is leading
> this meeting. Please bring something Middle Eastern if you can.
> She will be glad to give you some hints, suggestions, or other
> guidance. 

As a starter - I would like to NOT repeat anything we did in July (except
maybe the Cooked Fried Chicken?  nummy-yummy!!) to get some varieting into
our diet.  <g>

Persons wanting a place to start for period ME recipes can go to
http://www.pbm.com/~lindahl/cariadoc/recipe_toc.html and look at the
Islamic recipes.  Note that "A Roast of Meat" is a great way to perk up
leftovers.  The recipes from al-Andalus are ME carried into Spain, they
count too.

Yes, it is OK to substitute beef for lamb, as far as I am concerned.

                             ---= Morgan

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