[Elfsea] Elfsea Defender XXV Thank you's (long)

Armand Dragonetti dragonetti at generich.com
Tue Sep 30 10:57:41 PDT 2003

Greetings unto you, one and all,

Thank you to everyone who journeyed near and far and supported us with your
presence at Elfsea's 25th Defender Tournament!
Thank you to the many well known personas and leaders, your council and
assistance was invaluable.
Richard Fairbourne & Fearghus MacKenna: for autocrating this historic event,
well done!
Fearghus: Wow! What a way to pick up a ball and run with it to the finish.
Loch Ruadh: How many spikes did you drive?!? Two big hafla tents, big blue,
the blue & white and many others that belonged to us and ours.
Dragonsfire Tor also brought out, setup and took down two beautiful
pavilions to help with the barony's needs. (One of them twice)
Shire of Rosenfeld for the use of your enormous pavilion.
Brigit, her workers, drummers, judges & crew: For setting such a beautiful
stage and a feast for all the senses at Ansteorra's Premier Middle Eastern
Dance competition. Armand says, with insense in the air, while laying on
pillows, surrounded by beautiful women, with talented lovelies dancing the
night away to excellent drumming: "It's good to be the Baron!" Ameline says
he was *truly* transported to another place in time.....ahem. :)
Thanks to all who helped setup the hall, what a wonderful way to use this
space. Thanks to Duchess Willow for the use of her banners and everyone who
helped create the magnificent castle walls.
Aislyn: Among other things, you did a great job for the merchants and
livened up the hall.
Bice & her work crew: For all the work at gate counting all of us and
keeping up with all the money & waivers.
Ceatta & Wormy & their work crew: For keeping us all safe & working with the
City of Canton's police.
Siobhan & her staff of Chirurgeons for their work keeping us healthy and the
ambulance runs for those that needed them. Pesky trees.
Tristan & Darius & those that helped them, for smoothly running the
chivalric & rapier lists using the new format.
Ulrich for a very entertaining archery shoot.
Alexis for the tremendous efforts with setup, teardown and running of all
the equestrian activities.
Owen & his crew for the deadly axe, knife & spear. Owen's splitting of his
axe handle with another thrown axe was truly impressive.
Donnel, Valentyn & Robin for their attention to our youth & their lists.
Arabella, Serena & all the list mistresses for keeping on top of everyone's
Aimiliona & her workers for all the water & gatorade, keeping us hydrated.
Genvieve de la Gamba & her helpers for an excellent luncheon for the
visiting nobles.
William & Cassandra & their work crew for an outstanding feast.
& Falcon Rose & friends for serving it.
Raimond: Among other things, organized much of the morning investiture
Fian Ruadh for serving guard duty during court.
Mistress Stella for pulling a rabbit out of a hat at the 11th hour.
Robyn for her vigilance with the barony's assets in storage.
Seamus, Genvieve, Timothy, Anezka, Sabine & Llywelyn for assisting us &
Their Majesties throughout the event.
Tomas & Rixende for multiple efforts, opening of their home for painting
banners & the construction of the Defender prize beds to name just a few.
Karrick & Aislyn for several work days with the walls and more.
Caelin & Ker Megan for the use of their home, help at setup, tear down and
throughout the event where needs arose.
The Fray and many of those listed above along with others for tear down.
For those and all the heralds, all the water bearers, all the fighters,
archers, riders, all the dancers,...Thank You!
There was so much we did not see or hear of, that we cannot possibly thank
everyone who is deserving, and this message does not begin to adequately
thank those we did see. But we wish you to know that we are most grateful to
have so many, working so had for Elfsea. We were always blessed to live in
such a hard working barony. And we are blessed once more to have the
privilege and honor to serve as your Baron & Baroness.

HE Armand Dragonetti & HE Ameline du Bois
Baron & Baroness of Elfsea

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