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> Or they could be printed in the Scroll.

I appreciate the kind words from everyone on the feast.  Its great that you
make this point.  Some of the recipes have been put into the Scroll.  They
were a part of the William's Kitchen articles that I gave to Armentaria.  I
stopped doing them when I took over.  I thought that it would be kind of
weird and maybe seem like I was taking advantage of the forum.

Cassandra and I discussed the recipe requests and are looking at posting
them online so that everyone can have access to them.  (Also, I do not want
to forget anyone who made a request.)  Anyway, it will take a couple of days
to do this, but they will be up and I will send out the info when that

I will be sending out my thank yous shortly.  There were several people who
were of great assistance to me in making this feast a reality.

In Service,


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