[Elfsea] Elfsea at Queen's Champion

Valentyn Drake DonValentyn at JeffTurnerFiction.com
Sat Jan 24 21:07:25 PST 2004

Good evening Elfsea,

I've just returned from Queen's Champion (won by Don Brendan McEwen) and am
happy to report that Elfsea was well represented by her rapier community.
In addition to a stellar performance by Dirk the Semi-Finalist, the Queen
was treated to the skill and honor of Jocelyn, Daniel of Cameron, Jenna,
Rixende, Darius of the Bells, and Amanda.  Don Llewelyn graced the hall with
a song, and Her Excellency brought her usual light to a very rainy day.

I may be mistaken, but I believe today was Rixende's first tournament
victory as well.

Well done, everyone!


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