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Congratulations to Eleanor on a fine showing in her new Kingdom!  And, Dar?
Here's the thread to sew your buttons back on!  
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My Wayward Apprentice Eleanor, formerly of these parts, did contact me today
from Atenveldt Coronation. It would seem that the Crown has deemed fit to
bestow upon her the Fluer of the Desert (roughly analgous to our 
Iris of Merit) As isf that would not make her Laurel Proud enough she
proceeded from there in competition to become Bard of the Sun, which is the
Kingdom Bard of Atenveldt.

All and all a very good Day for Eleanor and a very proud moment or two for
her Laurel.

BTW Eleanor also says "Hi Guys" to all her freinds still here in Elfsea.

Eleanor's Proud Laurel
Darius of the Bells

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