[Elfsea] News of Ly Eleanor Cleavley

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Ya hoooo - miss you - congrats!!!

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Greetings to my friends back home in glorious Elfsea!

Thank you very much for your kind words and
congratulations. Words cannot express the joy (and
sheer terror!) I feel this day. Though I am an
Atenveldter now, I never forget where I came from. The
song I sang last night at the King's Bardic was "Vivat
the Dream", a song I learned while at home in Elfsea.

Boy, I wish you all could have been there! :o)

Ever in service with a song and a smile,
Lady Eleanor Cleavely
Apprentice to Master Darius of the Bells
Bard of Sun Dragon
Performing Arts Champion of Atenveldt
Royal Bard to Their Majesties Aaron IV and Alisandra

--- Rhonda and Stephen Hays
<housedragonstar at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Whew hew!!!
> I know that she is just a wee bit excited!!!
> Way to go girl!!!
> medb
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>   My Wayward Apprentice Eleanor, formerly of these
> parts, did contact me today from Atenveldt
> Coronation. It would seem that the Crown has deemed
> fit to bestow upon her the Fluer of the Desert
> (roughly analgous to our
>   Iris of Merit) As isf that would not make her
> Laurel Proud enough she proceeded from there in
> competition to become Bard of the Sun, which is the
> Kingdom Bard of Atenveldt.
>   All and all a very good Day for Eleanor and a very
> proud moment or two for her Laurel.
>   BTW Eleanor also says "Hi Guys" to all her freinds
> still here in Elfsea.
>   Eleanor's Proud Laurel
>   Darius of the Bells
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Never annoy a bard, for their memories are long, and your name scans to
"Greensleeves". ~ Fiana of Clare

Ego existo obstinantus - I am resolved

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