[Elfsea] Re: Elfsea Digest, Vol 35, Issue 37

Randall Mars rosmerryn at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 22 00:04:42 PDT 2006

  My profound and sincere apologies to the various Gentles of Elfsea who so graciously offered to assist me in my planned attempt to compete for Bard of Elfsea. I am so sorry I am unable to attend the Event. Three weeks ago I began my new job teaching Nursing full time. This weekend is mid term and I have test papers, grades and evaluations to prepare and had to make the sad but necessary decision not to attend. I had hoped I would be able to complete my assignments and join the Barony in celebration. Alas, it was not to be. We had a Staff meeting this evening that ended up lasting almost 4 hours, and to use the nicest term I can come up with..it was horrid.
  My heart and spirit will be there even if I am not. To be honest, I would far rather have enjoyed the weekend with my SCA family than spend it buried under books, leaflets, pamphlets and grade books.
  (Actually, I am thrilled to be teaching and to also have a reasonably healthy paycheck every two weeks).
  Maybe next year?

If you raise envy in others, 'tis your own strength at blame...for causing such spite from the weak and the tame.~Jocelyn St.Aubin~
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