[Elfsea] Elfsea Springfaire - Lost & Found

Monica Riney monicariney at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 23 15:27:12 PDT 2006

Several good gentles played this weekend at Elfsea Springfaire and they have 
left behind some items that have been found.  For those of you who live 
local, we will be taking the lost and found to Populace Meeting tomorrow 

Please contact Darius or myself by phone (817-459-3553) or email: 
mistressrosalia at earthlink.net or masterdarius at earthlink.net and describe 
your missing item and we will let you know if it matches what we have.

We have found: a tunic, mug, first aid kit, chair, stool, fabric, fan, 
cloak, small bracer, veil, and a coronet.

In service,
Darius & Rosalia
Elfsea Springfaire Event Stewards 

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