[Elfsea] Nice website

Don Valentyn DonValentyn at JeffTurnerFiction.com
Wed Aug 16 20:04:57 PDT 2006

Just checked out the Defender website.  Looks good, very nice work to
whomever put it together.

Just checked out the Elfsea email list.  Very distressing.  

I did notice on the website that there are plenty of opportunities for
people to volunteer at Defender.  It looks like some preparation work is
needed now, and there are many opportunities at the event.

Here's a thought: why doesn't everyone who has a complaint or bitch about
the event so far channel his or her energy into volunteering in some
capacity?  Perhaps you can improve the event, rather than distracting the
people who are already working hard to put it on.

That sounds productive to me.  I'm all about productive.  If anyone needs
further suggestions for productivity, please feel free to contact me.  I'll
be glad to advise you.


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