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Elfsea Monthly A&S Class Tomorrow - Metal Casting
  I have been playing in this Society for almost 10 years.  One of the
things I found appealing and very true to my heart is the concept of
knightly virtues. Most importantly, "The Truth."

  In doing a very simple Google search of "knightly virtues" my endeavor
started with Chaucer, which lead to the following words that I have

  Courage - To be truthful in the face of adversity.

  Justice - With truth there will be justice.

  Mercy - The truth is much more merciful than untruths and lies.

  Generosity - The truth is generous to those who hold it in respect.

  Faith - In a power greater than oneself, will honor the truth.

  Nobility - Hold your head high with nobility in the presence of truth.

  Hope - That others will be truthful with you.

  These are the most well known 7 attributes of a knight. I feel we should
all strive for these.

  I also found from
http://www.sca.org.au/chivalry/articles/Inigo_Virtues.html by Inigo
Missaglia, Husband, father, knight - and by grace of God - gentleman.
Please follow the link for the full article.
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