[Elfsea] Elfsea Monthly A&S Class Tomorrow - Metal Casting

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See you at 7.  Thank you.




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Greetings All,

For the monthly A&S we are doing metal casting at Daniel & Siobhan's house.

I have ordered a large supply of soapstone that is expected in tomorrow.  If
it arrives on time we will do soapstone casting and molds with pewter and
bronze.  Everyone will have an opportunity to make a mold and cast pewter
and I will demonstrate the casting of bronze.  We will discuss period
casting and I will have books that people can refer to that are considered
adequate documentation.  You may want to bring a notebook.  I will also
demonstrate more modern methods (rubber molds) that are easier for large
scale production of things like site tokens.  I will have patterns that
people can use, but if you wish to bring your own please remember that you
need a mirror image of your pattern.  We will be casting items the size of
awards and site tokens.

If the soapstone is delayed we will discuss the soapstone molds and work
with rubber molds.  I do not promise that everyone will be able to make a
rubber mold, but I will set a later date that any that does not get what
they wish can return.

We will begin at 7:00 discussing casting and so on, this will be covered in
a handout.  We will begin making molds/masters promptly at 7:30 and intend
to complete by 9:00 pm.  You are welcome to bring food and eat during the
class if you wish.

Warning - I would liken casting pewter to frying with grease in a grease
fryer.  Do not wear cloths you are fond of.  I will have aprons, face
shields, and masks for all.  You should dress warm, but we will be in a
heated area.  

There is no cost for this class, but please rsvp so that I can ensure that I
have enough equipment.   Do not let the lack of rsvp keep you from coming,
but please do if you can!



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