[Elfsea] FW: [Steppes] Daily update on Mistress Kalida

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Wed Feb 22 11:43:38 PST 2006

Please send my greetings and best wishes, to Mistress Kalida,  for a speedy 
recovery.  I have had abdominal surgery and I know that the first few days 
can be very trying.

Ly. Gwenllian Hertewelle
Loch Ruadh Rocks!!

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>Today is both a good and bad day, according to her mom. If any of you
>have had abdominal surgery, you'll know what I mean when I say that it
>is good when things start to work again, but bad in that it hurts a LOT!
>Well, that's Kalida's day, today.  If you were planning on visiting
>tonight, PLEASE CALL AHEAD to make sure she's feeling up to company and
>don't be surprised if she's not.  A phone call instead, or postponing a
>visit until she's home and a bit more comfortable might be advisable.
>We are still hoping that she will be going home around Thursday, but
>that remains to be decided by the doctors.  And she's not totally out of
>the woods yet, as abdominal surgery on the intestines or colon is a
>tricky business, so don't forget to send those positive thoughts and
>prayers her way.  She is SO very appreciative of all the emails and well
>wishes (I've printed them all out for her, and updated her daily on who
>has sent messages).
>HL Saqra
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