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I know that Gerhard will serve Elfsea with wisdom and love, as her people
truly deserve.
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My Lady,
It was a pleasure to meet you at Moot last night. Thank you for your
incredible grace and patience, and also for your willingness to go above and
beyond to ensure that Gerhart was able to hear the announcement as you made
it. I personally had a grand time with the last minute assisting with it,
and I truly hope that others did as well in the witnessing of your
announcement. Again, thank you. 
In Service,
Nautilus Pursuivant

On 7/25/06, Lady Eithne GrandeDamme FR <eithnethehealer at yahoo.com> wrote: 

To the People of Elfsea,
It has been my great pleasure to serve Elfsea as CIC at a good number of
events over the years and as Baronial Chirurgeon.
It is now my pleasure to announce that Gerhart is Elfsea's Baronial

 In Service to the House, the Keep & the Kingdom, and to the Pursuit of True
Lady Eithne ingen mhic Chionaoit  

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