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Master Geoffrey is great!  Do you happen to know the dimensions of the large gorgets, meaning how big of a neck can they fit?  I am looking for a gorget for someone who has a 20 inch neck, if Geoffrey has any that fit this size I would be interested in purchasing one.
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mysticfalcon at onebox.com

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Anyone interested in a GAA gorget? Tomas is spending time with Master Geoffrey in Georgia, and can bring them home for you. $45. Sizes medium and large. I wear a medium, over my hood, Dirk wears a medium under his hood and it fits his neck perfectly for size comparison. These are the really nice low profile ones that I absolutely swear by. Tomas also wears his like this for heavy fighting. Completely legal for both. 
Let me know ASAP. Tomas will be picking them up from him on Saturday, but if you want one I need to let them know NOW so that he can make them. Payment on delivery, and Tomas will be back from Georgia Wednesday after Queens. 
In Serivce,
Honorable Lady Rixende de Rouen, CIM, CSM
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