[Elfsea] Elfsea A&S Night - Sept. 19th

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Wed Sep 6 15:35:13 PDT 2006


Let’s have fun with Tassels!  
They are the perfect accessory for a pouch, a banner,
a belt, or a box cover.  Tassels can even be used as
Favors. (Just in time for Elfsea Defender!) 

Elfsea A&S night will be September 19, 2006 at 7:30
pm.  This month it will be at Master Caelin and Pyro’s

2220 Patterson Place?Arlington, TX 76012?(817)

Lady Aeryn has provided the class description below.  
If you have any questions please contact her or

In Service,
 Lady Hanna von Dahl
 MoAS Elfsea
Arts_Sciences at elfsea.net

Lady Aeryn: alexsandraeryn at yahoo.com

Tassel Making
Supply List
At least 4 skeins of embroidery floss (to make 2
decent tassels)
Scissors (as it gets to be frustrating to pass round
only one pair)
Comb (more later)
A matched pair of wood beads (small, medium, or large
– does not have to be round)
A tapestry needle (large enough eye for six strand
DMC, at least 1.5 inch length, sharp point)
Metallic/ accent color thread for the finish work
(this is a good place to use up all those short bits
that are too long to throw away)
Small “fancy” beads/pearls to dress up the finished
This class is is kid friendly – If your 5 year old can
follow instructions they are welcome – 4 year old
Vivienne nighean al AERYN will be staying with Papa.
To start off I have lots of small beads and blue and
white floss (You know the drill – first fruits of a
new loom/craft are tithe) so everyone can make one or
two small tassels for the barony to get the theory
down before advancing to their own colors.
The scissors are for initial thread cutting and for
the final “trim” 2 or 3 could probably share but if
you have a small pair for embroidery you would like to
dress up with a tassel in your colors

The comb is to help separate the plied threads of
floss into single strands. A sturdy comb with both
wide and narrow teeth seems to work the best. The comb
off of your vanity will work in a pinch, but the teeth
sometimes get broken. The six inch comb that comes in
the set (rattail, picks, etc) works well. Also a stiff
plastic comb, while cheaper, breaks more quickly/often
and thus does not seem 

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