[Elfsea] Middle Eastern Dance Competition at Defender

Dragonetti dragonetti at generich.com
Wed Aug 8 20:35:09 PDT 2007

Your Grace,

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the July populace meeting, and Her
Excellency Ameline has not yet returned from Pennsic, thus I cannot confirm
or deny all that was discussed there. While I do recall suggesting that you
contact the Defender autocrats about hosting a Middle Eastern dance
competition at Defender, I do not recall the title "Pearl of Elfsea" being
discussed, and am surprised that such would go unchallenged at the populace

Regarding a titled baronial Middle Eastern Dance champion, I do not remember
Elfsea ever having one, however, if it is your desire to see one created,
(or reclaimed, if I'm mis-remembering) I'm sure the populace and our
successors can help in that regard, along with any other suggested changes,
should they be so inclined. 

Please know that I truly sympathize with the frustration you have expressed
regarding activities and changes to reclaim successful endeavors from our
past. I can only say that Her Excellency and I have been reluctant to
champion any change of lasting consequence so close to our step down date.
We prefer not to make changes that our successors would then need to

Baron Armand


> From: willowjonbardc at juno.com
> Sent: Wednesday, August 08, 2007 9:39 PM
> Dancers like titles. You should see some of the introductions they 
> give. Pearl of the northern seas, jewel of the night, moon of joy 
> etc. They do not mean anything or claim any relationship. There can 
> be many pearls-jewels or moons. You can see the term "pearl of" use 
> in many descriptions. 
>  Usually groups use the words Champion of or a catch word of title as 
> in title bard, title artisan etc. Or they make the word a title like 
> Defender or Warlord or Protector. If we had a dancing champion they 
> would be Dancer of Elfsea. I think, but I am not sure this is what 
> the groups that have a "Dancer" use this form. I think they may 
> use "Middle Easten Dancer". Do you know what the kingdom uses?
> I will change it to to "jewel of Elfsea". We did bring up the term at 
> moot and as no one told us no when we talked about it the guild 
> thought it was OK. I will stress that this is coming from the Middle 
> Eastern Guild of Elfsea and it isn't a regular affair. Not all 
> competition need to be an yearly thing. This is on the same level as 
> the Iron chef thing. 
> I do not understand why we can't reclaim our Middle Eastern Dance 
> Championship. As a dancer of Elfsea I wasn't asked if I wanted our 
> Dance Competition turned into the Kingdom Dance Champion and after 
> working on it for many years I certainly wasn't please when it was 
> taken away. With the Kingdom dance contest somewhere else why can't 
> we start up the Elfsea's one again? 
> I would asked the question why can't we go back and do lots of things 
> we used to do? If the people of Elfsea are willing to put them on why 
> can't they be done?
> willow 

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