[Elfsea] Middle Eastern Dance Competition at Defender

Tomas Niallagain siortomas at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 08:26:15 PDT 2007

Unto Your Grace Willow,

Your new flier addresses the source of my concerns. Personally, I do like
His Excellency's suggestion of "Jewel of Middle Eastern Dance"
best.Thankyou for your consideration and I avidly look forward to the
competition.  I

ever in service,

Sior Tomás

On 8/8/07, willowjonbardc at juno.com <willowjonbardc at juno.com> wrote:
> Dancers like titles. You should see some of the introductions they
> give. Pearl of the northern seas, jewel of the night, moon of joy
> etc. They do not mean anything or claim any relationship. There can
> be many pearls-jewels or moons. You can see the term "pearl of" use
> in many descriptions.
> Usually groups use the words Champion of or a catch word of title as
> in title bard, title artisan etc. Or they make the word a title like
> Defender or Warlord or Protector. If we had a dancing champion they
> would be Dancer of Elfsea. I think, but I am not sure this is what
> the groups that have a "Dancer" use this form. I think they may
> use "Middle Easten Dancer". Do you know what the kingdom uses?
> I will change it to to "jewel of Elfsea". We did bring up the term at
> moot and as no one told us no when we talked about it the guild
> thought it was OK. I will stress that this is coming from the Middle
> Eastern Guild of Elfsea and it isn't a regular affair. Not all
> competition need to be an yearly thing. This is on the same level as
> the Iron chef thing.
> I do not understand why we can't reclaim our Middle Eastern Dance
> Championship. As a dancer of Elfsea I wasn't asked if I wanted our
> Dance Competition turned into the Kingdom Dance Champion and after
> working on it for many years I certainly wasn't please when it was
> taken away. With the Kingdom dance contest somewhere else why can't
> we start up the Elfsea's one again?
> I would asked the question why can't we go back and do lots of things
> we used to do? If the people of Elfsea are willing to put them on why
> can't they be done?
> willow
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