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Xene here:
While discussions that become emotional in content should be taken off-line,
and preferably should be handled in person and face-to-face, this type of
conversation is appropriate for sharing. Even newcomers on the list can
learn how to communicate effectively with grace and kindness. This is how
they can learn the behavior that we classify as "peer-like". The exchange
below is an excellent example.
We did have a titled Middle Eastern Dancer and Drummer during our reign, but
after we stepped down, I'm not entirely sure of what happened to it. I
usually helped judge it at Spring Faire, along with other judges that the
guild leader and I invited. Llywelyn judged the Bardic at the same time at
the events. I really only remember doing this for 2 years at Spring Faire,
but it may have been 3.
HE Armand has a good point, that he doesn't want to re-start a titled
competition as he and Mistress Ameline are stepping down. Being a "lame
duck" or "short-timer" can put a leader in an awkward position. I know,
Llywelyn and I've been there.
As their successors have not yet been named, the options I humbly suggest
are as follows:
Have the winner of the competition receive the a title such as "Current
Holder of the Jewel of the Seas" as winner of a guild sponsored competition.
Note: *Always* check with the baronial herald to ensure that the title will
not conflict with registered or traditional titles in kingdom. 
Have a face-to-face private meeting between the autocrats, *all* the
candidates, and Their Excellencies to discuss how Defender will be run.
Agreements should be in writing,  just to be on the safe side. Non scriptum,
non est.
After all, it is going to be the new B & B's 1st Defender and Investiture as
well as Their Excellencies stepping down.
This is a time when communication, compromise, and caring are so very
important, both for individuals and to the group.
Prior to our elevation, way back when rocks were soft, and before the heirs
were named to the Escalloped Thrones of Elfsea, one from each set of
candidates all journeyed to Loch Sollier for a dance and music event. We all
travelled together in the same vehicle, and thus had a great time to discuss
our hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the Barony. The timeline for the
baronial selection was very similar, so we had to make some choices as a
group as to what we wanted to see for Defender. We also all agreed not to
over-commit ourselves at the event, just in case we *were* chosen.
Duke Seamus and HE Maggie decided not to step down until evening court on
Saturday. Because of an over-long belted circle, court was very late in
starting. There was no feast, as Elfsea did not "do" feasts during that
time. Everyone was encouraged to have their own camp dinner. During the day,
Llywelyn watched the fighting intently, as our Defenders and our Baronial
Guards were chosen during the tournament. I sat "in state" next to Their
Excellencies Seamus and Maggie and Their Royal Majesties, and received
visitors and presentations which I had my scribe record for later thank-you
notes. Llywelyn and I did this as we knew that court would be too long for
presentations to occur then.
(That, and Llywelyn believes that presentations should not take up valuable
court time!).
Our investiture was very, very late, and done by torch-light. It was
When we stepped down at a Spring Faire, we had the ceremony in the morning,
so that Galen and Allessandre, our heirs, were able to enjoy their first
event as the landed nobles, not as the heirs. Our devestiture was in the
hall at Canton, and not as romantic as our investiture, but equally as
emotional and beautiful. 
Ah,I could go on, but I have papers to write for grad school........
In Service,
Mistress Xene Theriane.

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Unto Your Grace Willow,

Your new flier addresses the source of my concerns. Personally, I do like
His Excellency's suggestion of "Jewel of Middle Eastern Dance" best.Thank
you for your consideration and I avidly look forward to the competition.  I

ever in service,

Sior Tomás 

On 8/8/07, willowjonbardc at juno.com <willowjonbardc at juno.com> wrote: 

Dancers like titles. You should see some of the introductions they
give. Pearl of the northern seas, jewel of the night, moon of joy
etc. They do not mean anything or claim any relationship. There can
be many pearls-jewels or moons. You can see the term "pearl of" use 
in many descriptions.

Usually groups use the words Champion of or a catch word of title as
in title bard, title artisan etc. Or they make the word a title like
Defender or Warlord or Protector. If we had a dancing champion they 
would be Dancer of Elfsea. I think, but I am not sure this is what
the groups that have a "Dancer" use this form. I think they may
use "Middle Easten Dancer". Do you know what the kingdom uses? 

I will change it to to "jewel of Elfsea". We did bring up the term at
moot and as no one told us no when we talked about it the guild
thought it was OK. I will stress that this is coming from the Middle 
Eastern Guild of Elfsea and it isn't a regular affair. Not all
competition need to be an yearly thing. This is on the same level as
the Iron chef thing.

I do not understand why we can't reclaim our Middle Eastern Dance 
Championship. As a dancer of Elfsea I wasn't asked if I wanted our
Dance Competition turned into the Kingdom Dance Champion and after
working on it for many years I certainly wasn't please when it was
taken away. With the Kingdom dance contest somewhere else why can't
we start up the Elfsea's one again?

I would asked the question why can't we go back and do lots of things
we used to do? If the people of Elfsea are willing to put them on why 
can't they be done?


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