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August 15th is the deadline to send email commentary to the Crown.

No official Questions and Answers sessions.  The kingdom seneschal
specifically does not want a public Q&A session.  However, candidates
should feel free to attend baronial and canton meetings and have personal
conversations to address questions.

Polling will occur at the Elfsea August Moot:  Coors Distribution Center 7
p.m., August 27th.  I will be there accepting ballots until 8 p.m.

If you cannot be present to take the opinion poll, please email the kingdom
seneschal (seneschal at ansteorra.org) to inform her that you will be mailing
in a ballot including the specific reason why you are unable to attend Moot
on August 27th.  Then download a polling form and mail it to the kingdom
seneschal:  Julie Riner, 1912 Clinton St., Longview, TX  75604.  Mailed
forms must be RECEIVED on or before August 27th.  No proxy ballots will be
accepted by me on the day of the polling.  Any polling form received after
August 27th will not be reviewed so mail it early!

In Service,

Duchess Conal
Central Region Seneschal









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