[Elfsea] There's no place like home

Ameline DuBois Ameline at generich.com
Thu Aug 9 21:04:44 PDT 2007

Greetings unto the great and good Barony of Elfsea,
You're far flung Baroness Ameline here:
I am home, yea!!!! Mistress Xene was, and is, so right; "Life is good in
Elfsea."  I know there are people who live and work in Elfsea who may
not feel that way right now or perhaps ever, but we cannot please all
the people all the time. Know that I am sorry if I caused a problem by
not being more precise and detailed in my comments to Duchess Willow and
not looking into all that the middle eastern dance guild wanted to do. I
apologize to Duchess Willow in particular for not helping her in the
manner she wished, and any competitors for hurt feelings. It was never
my intention to play favorites, or ruffle feathers. I hope the fact that
we will not be landed at the time of the competition will make the hurt
feeling better. The dancing will be fun and we will all have a good time
watching the great dancers of Ansteorra, no matter what the champion
will be called; that is for the heralds to debate, I wash my hands of
it. I am proud of Elfsea and what I feel I and Armand have done for her
and her people. While at Pennsic I would mention Ansteorra and Elfsea
and there are many who know about our little Barony. People from many
Kingdoms have met people from Elfsea whom they remembered fondly.
Remember you are a reflection of your group wherever you go. Some I
spoke to have lived in Ansteorra in the past and also shared fond
memories of Elfsea.
In service to Crown and Kingdom,
Baroness Ameline DuBois 

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