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Don't add them on just my say-so! 
I believe that Sir Galen is correct. I only thought that he was deserving of
one. The Crown must have thought so, too, or they wouldn't have made him a
Lion of Ansteorra and given him an Augmentation of Arms. Airaklee is also a
Lion, so I could be mistaken.
And it could have been Mara in lieu of Reginlief. Llywelyn would know.
(I must be getting senile. Either that or my brains are leaking out my ears
at night.)

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Please see:




and note that I user the database from Lady Luciana
(http://www.geocities.com/elfsea_herald/elfseaOP.html).   As you can see
this table on the Grail webpage lists the following names:


Llywelyn Gruffydd of Elfsea 

Mara of Rede 

Raimond George de Mora 

Stella Silvana 

Xene Theriane


I will add:  


Reginlief Ragnarsdottir

Galen of Bristol

Airaklee Wolf


Please note, this list is in alphabetical order name order. Dates and places
were not included in the data file. If you happen to know the date and place
where you received your award, please email me and I’ll update this list.


On the Centurion list http://www.elfsea.net/H_Centurions_List.aspx I had all
the data so I created a sorted by name list and a date list.  

(Well at least until someone wants to add a new name to the list and there’s
no event and date. Then I guess I’ll delete the second table.)


BTW: how do we update Lady Luciana info?


In Service,

Daniel of Cameron





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It was created to be like a Lion of Ansteorra, but for those of the Barony
of Elfsea who have served greatly and create the dream through their
research, dress, and actions. This was done during the reign of Llywelyn and
Xene (yup, that's me). We already had the badge of the blue chalice with two
gold wavies on it and it wasn't being used by a tavern or guild at the time,
so.....we used it. And, in keeping with the Arthurian theme based on our
founding Baron, Sir Arthur of the Fenn and HE Robin, we decided that the
Azure Grail of Elfsea was appropriate. That's also where we got the idea for
the Arthurian Company, the elite fighting unit that was sworn in at Highland
Games and released from service at SpringFaire.


We should have a copy of the scroll text put on-line somewhere - in the
history part. I seem to remember Darius helping us draft the text at some


The grail chalices themselves are made and donated to the barony by Mistress


Off the top of my head, I want to say that they were given to Mistress
Reginlief, Mistress Stella, Master Airiklee, Sir Galen, HL Raimond, Don
Llywelyn and myself. The award is not closed, as far as I know.


Are there any others?


In Service,



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Please forgive my aging brain, but I can’t remember the purpose of the award

of the Azure Grail; can you enlighten me, please?


There actually is an A&S award in Elfsea it is the Order of the Eastern
Tower. It was named such for the towers on the Arms of Elfsea and the
Eastern tower was chosen for the artist for though the southern exposure
would gve more light throughout the day  the east gives the clear neutral
light of the morning sun that is invaluable to artist. This order was
founded by Daniel and Sioban during their time as our Baron and Baroness. 

The members of this Order I can think of off the top of my head are HL
Desree DuPre of Dragonsfire Tor and Master Phillip White

In Service


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