[Elfsea] Baronial Awards for A&S and Martial activites

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Not being a heraldic type, I sought assistance on a couple of occasions to
advance this effort, however, distractions diminished a persistent effort on
my part and "life" frequently happened among those I in whom I had sought
council. There had been discussion of altering the Eastern Tower to simply
the "Towers" in order to allow more leeway in issuing different "flavors" of
the award, (i.e., Eastern for static or performance A&S, Western for martial
activities, Central perhaps for excellence among our youths, etc.)  This
would alleviate the need to go through the submission and approval process
with the college of heralds over and over for each new "flavor". Hopefully
our successors can fair better than I in seeing this effort through. It is
an excellent topic and I am pleased to see it getting a bit of attention.
Thank you Mistress Caterina! :-)
HE Armand


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Agreed. We do have one for A&S, but it is rarely awarded. We have talked of
combat awards, but have not yet built such an award structure.




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Thank you for your reply.  I am aware that there are Kingdom awards for
Shires, but this doesn't entirely answer my question.  It seems that these
awards are largely given only for service.  If there is a structure in place
to give a Barony the power to recognize those contributions which are
outside the realm of service, whether it be on a Baronial or Canton level,
then why are they not utilized?  Service is indeed something worthy of
recognition and praise, but the martial and artistic communities contribute
just as much in their own venues to our enjoyment of the game.  I am just of
the firm belief that we need to encourage growth and participation in all
sectors, not merely in one.  


M. Caterina


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