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Please take a moment to look at these updated pages.   I want to thank you
all for your efforts.


In Service,

Daniel of Cameron



http://www.elfsea.net/History.aspx (index of history recovered files)







Elfsea's Baronial Guard 

First Draft, Baronial <http://www.elfsea.net/H_Baronal_Guards_List.aspx>

Baronial Guard Charter <http://www.elfsea.net/H_bguard_charter.aspx> 


Fighting Companies 

First Draft, <http://www.elfsea.net/H_Arthurian_Company_List.aspx>
Arthurian Company List 

First Draft, <http://www.elfsea.net/H_Arthurian_Company_Chart.aspx>
Arthurian Company Charter 

The First <http://www.elfsea.net/H_Arthurian_Company_First_Groupt.aspx>
Arthurian Company and its Founder: His Excellency, Baron Llywelyn Gruffydd 




Barony of Elfsea Order of Precedence (OP) and Awards Information 

 <http://www.elfsea.net/H_Azure_Grail_List.aspx> Azure Grail of Elfsea 

 <http://www.elfsea.net/H_Azure_Pearl_List.aspx> Holders of the Azure Pearl
of Elfsea 

 <http://www.elfsea.net/H_Eastern_Tower_List.aspx> Holders of the Eastern
Tower of Elfsea 

 <http://www.elfsea.net/H_Oysters_Irritant_List.aspx> Holders of the Oysters
Irritant of Elfsea 


First <http://www.elfsea.net/H_Ants_List.aspx>  Draft, Ants of Elfsea



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