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As the autocrat has stated this is a competition and not a drinking contest.
Brewing contest would not really be correct as some of the items are not
brewed. Perhaps it is unfortunate that it is easily misconstrued, but she
did state it accurately.
An event does not need to take money at the gate to be an official SCA
event. Fighter practice is an official SCA event and I've never seen money
taken at one. 
Please, as a Keystone, take a bit more accommodating view of this autocrat's
first attempt at putting an event together. Encourage and counsel instead of
criticizing. And, yes, I should have said this privately to you, but your
message was public and deserves a public response.
Caelin on Andrede


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Greetings to all of you,


This is directed to anyone who is, has or will be stewarding an event in our
Barony or Kingdom. 


First let me start by saying "I LOVE A PARTY" just as the next person.   I
have been known to tie-one-on a time or two or three in my SCA career.  (I
do have some naked skeletons in my closet.) I am not trying to stomp on
anyone's fun, stop the party, cancel any events or tell anyone not to drink
at an SCA event.   However..


If we are accepting money at a gate; therefore it is a SCA sanctioned event
and not a private party.   If it's an SCA sanctioned event then our group
accident insurance comes into effect.  

For your reference, this appeared on our public list, in our event
advertisement from the Baron and Baroness and sent by our Seneschal
concerning A Lamas Day Tribute, August 17th -19th , Mustang Park, 3600
Winscott Plover Rd, Benbrook Lake, Ft Worth TX - much deleted and in part:

Drink Contests:

Beer/ Ale




By advertising a drink/drinking contest we are setting ourselves up as a
group not to be covered under the SCA group insurance should there be any
accidents which would be covered by our insurance.   Could our Barony,
Elfsea, or you personally afford to cover the any property, medical or legal
costs if there is an unforeseen accident or happening where we could be held
legally liable?   


It is generally a VERY BAD PROCEDURE and heavily frowned upon to advertise a
party involving alcohol in an SCA event ad.   It doesn't matter whether it's
a calendar event or not, whether it's in print or via our e-list.


By advertising that drink contest, in that way, it was it implies our group,
not the individuals, is supplying the alcohol, especially when no rules or
any other information is posted on the event advertisement.   


The person who is the steward of the event is by their event warrant
considered an officer of the Society and is therefore bound by the rules
devised by the Society.   The same goes for the Seneschal, all other
warranted officers and the Baron and Baronesses of the group sponsoring the


A quick check on-line I found the following:


The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. 

Organizational Handbook

April 2001

Revised December 2006


Sub Section - Corporate Policies of the SCA, Inc.

Page 60 of 65



Manufacturing, distributing, selling, serving, or furnishing of alcoholic
beverages by the SCA or its branches or subdivisions is prohibited within
the United States and its territories. 


The use of any SCA funds for the purchase of potable alcohol, except for
such quantities as may be necessary for cooking, is prohibited in the United
States and its territories.


Officers are not prohibited from serving alcohol; however, it must be done
as individuals, and not as part of their official duties as officers. 


Officers are not prohibited from giving gifts of alcohol; however, it must
be done as individuals, and not as part of their official duties as
officers. Giving or receiving gifts of alcohol in court is not considered to
be part of an officer's official duties. 


Further .....:


The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. 

Seneschal's Handbook

Page 27 of 75

Section IV Host Liquor Coverage 

A. Our General Liability provides coverage for claims relating to the
incidental use of alcohol at events, but not if we go into the business of
selling or serving alcohol.   Specifically (and these are the "five deadly
sins"), the SCA cannot manufacture, distribute, sell, serve, or furnish
alcoholic beverages.  Hence, SCA-sponsored taverns are prohibited.
Further, SCA funds may NOT be used for the purchase of potable alcohol,
except for that needed for use in cooking.


Reference for the above section: Corporate Policies VIII 


Yes I know I am not an attorney or an accountant, but I am educated enough
to know if some accident were to happen, and we, our group, was not covered
by the SCA insurance then that leaves the individual persons open to legal
responsibility.   Somebody is always legally responsible.  


I know we are an honourable society; most of us are intelligent, smart
people.   But there could always be that one individual who makes a stupid
choice and creates havoc.  Use your imagination, that's why we have


My suggestion is on any future event advertisements to delete any further
reference to a drink contest.   I know its semantics and just words, but
those specific words have legal meanings.  I know I personally can't afford
to cover those types of costs.   


You could list it as.. 

A brew competition sponsored by (list private household or persons).


A private cordial/brew/mix competition held at the list field after


Prizes offered by (list persons who would be judges) for private entries 


Make sure it states over 21 only.  


Anything but a drink contest.  




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