[Elfsea] Defender Clarifications and a reminder

Dáire and Druinne -- the Hays Family daire.druinne at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 21:12:18 PDT 2007

Greetings everyone, just a few clarifications:

First, Archery - There is no separate archery shoot for the children and it
is because of an extremely crowded schedule of martial activities.  Children
who shoot competitively can enter the Defender Lyst; however, please be sure
that they are well acquainted with the format described on the website.
There will be some rather interesting scenarios and it is an extremely
demanding tournament, as befits a Defender of Elfsea.

Second, Dinner after Court - this was not part of the original plan, but we
discovered at business meeting (see what happens when you don't make
business meeting) that we have some people who have some food that they
really want to get out of their freezer, so we decided that pot luck was the
way to go.   We can lay the food out on some tables next to the Lyst field
and eat while we watch the Torchlight Tourney or grab some food and wander
down to the bardic or Wolfstar celebration.

Children's Activities - yeah, this was a real bummer, but the really bad
situation was finding out that the good gentle who was going to do this for
us had such an unfortunate attack of life. Given the new regulations that we
would have to go review since we are not 100% sure that we remember all that
we heard or read, we were not sure that it would be very easy to find a
quick replacement.  We have a young gentle who wants to share her birthday
cake with the kids on site and childrens' activities seemed the most
efficient way to do that.  She will still have the cake and it looks like we
might have a last minute volunteer.  So, assume that activities will happen
after the chivalric and rapier tournaments get started and sometime after
the landed lunch.  It will be heralded.  Won't be hard to find as the
pavilion will be on the list field.

Reminder - shed loading night is Thursday evening at 7:30.  For those of you
who do not know, shed is at Caelin's house.  Many hands make light work.

It is promising to be hot.  Please remember to plan for heat.  We all know
the drill - sunscreen and lots of water!

Hope this helps to clarify,
Druinne, one of the three Defender Stewards
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