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i will bring something other than the dreaded bean casserole.  

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The Time is Now ...
          (no, not for the Tidings)
Recap from last week...
   If you would like to bring a dish to share please let me know what to expect in general terms so that I can make sure that we get out enough  tables.  We will have serving dishes a plenty, so there is no pressure for  those who might need to make a last minute stop at their favorite food merchant.  If you bring your own serving dish, please put your name on  the bottom of the dish so that we can make sure that it gets back to you  at the end of the day.
Thus far there are no takers - at this point we may find that the potluck curse is menacing (everyone brings the same dish -- the ubiquitous green bean casserole or some such...).
Pavilion hostess by Appointment to HE Elfsea

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