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Mon Aug 9 13:34:20 PDT 2010

please excuse the bandwidth, but I really just wanted to say a huge THANK
YOU to all those from Elfsea that braved the heat to help us, help Mistress
Arastya and her husband Jon get moved into their new place.

There were at least 10 individuals from Steppes, and another 8 or 10 from
Elfsea. It was a genuinely warming experience to see so many people show up
to help one of our own in a time where they really needed us.
I know for a fact that Arastya was genuinely and deeply touched that so many
of us were there to help.

I have been thanked over and over again for putting it together, but really,
I just was being my bossy-self, and telling people where to be, and at what
time ;) Those of you that actually showed up with that asking for help are
the people we are all greatly thankful for. Giving up your Sunday to get a
fellow SCAdian moved, when you honestly didn't have to, including braving
triple digit heat to do so. I am truly humbled by the generosity and the
happiness with which everyone came out.

We began actually moving stuff out of the house at 10:30am, and were done by
4pm. And while you would think that many people would have been a disaster,
it was one of the most fluid moves you have ever seen.

I am happy to report that Jon was annoying the nurses and doctors so much,
that he was deemed fit to be released late yesterday to continue his healing
at home! *lol*
I don't know whether to be excited for Arastya, or cringe! ;)

But seriously, thank you all for being so giving of your time and energy. It
was a remarkable thing to witness and be a small part of.

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