[Elfsea] This is what happens when you pay a cheap scribe

dominic barranco wookiematsu at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 20 11:58:13 PDT 2010

Dearest  Ansteorrans

Whereas the situation at the upcoming Gothic war ( 
http://trelac.ansteorra.org/Gothic/ )is so very dire, it would seem that my 
decision to hire a second rate scribe (I did it myself) instead of doing as my 
wonderful Lady suggested and paying more for a properly experienced artist to do 
the writing for me was... a rash one.  There where you see...Financial concerns 
(I spent all my money on booze for Gothic) which prompted my decision to take 
the task on.

Whereas I cannot confirm, nor deny the existence of an army of undead chickens 
in the west-lands, there is some small Intel suggesting that this may well be 
the case (salmonella eggs anyone), and so cannot be ruled out completely.   Nor 
do I expect the Zombie-king Hrafn to act, fight, or dress like a chicken or any 
other bird for the war to come (though that would be a hoot)...I expect he is 
quite serious about corrupting the souls of us all, and eating our brains.  

There are however real live zombies out there, the horde grows by the day, and 
so we must stand together once more and drive back the forces of darkness.

Again if you would be so kind as to cross post, too many of our message riders 
failed to return.

Your Servant

Damon Xanthus

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