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Mon Feb 28 11:38:35 PST 2011

These are a result of a conversation I had with Cathal at the recent Blue and Gold demo in Elfsea over how to cover short boots, such as the combat and hiking boots our fighters are so fond of.

The first section is a search of equestrian half chaps that go over paddock boots to make a knee high riding boot.  Some of these can get expensive, but you can occasionally find them on sale or closeouts at a bargain price.  Even if you don't want to buy any I hope these are useful to you as ideas or patterns.

These are motorcycle half chaps / boot tops available at MotoLiberty in Dallas.  The first section is for the boot tops, the second is the address of the Dallas store.

These are another version of motorcycle half chaps available online.  There are several versions sold under various names if you will search under "half chaps," "leather legs," or "leg leathers."

Hope you find these useful.  Feel free to forward...

Don Alaric
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