[Elfsea] Baronial College - Thank You!

Bill Perkins bill.perkins at sbcglobal.net
Sun Nov 13 08:38:25 PST 2011

Greetings unto Our Populace from Alejandro y Amalia

We greatly enjoyed yesterday, and the event was a wonderful success.

But no event just "happens".  It takes the hard work of the event staff to 
make it a success.  We appreciate the tireless labors of

Don Sebastian, who did not just "settle" for a site but worked to find an 
excellent site, coordinated all the classes, and even arranged to ensure 
that the event happened on a Saturday
Duke Gunthar, who designed a wonderful menu for the sideboard and 
coordinated the efforts of his staff to ensure that Our Guests were well fed
The entire kitchen crew who ensured that the food was well prepared, and 
helped clean the kitchen after lunch
Lady Helen of Scarborough, who stepped in and ensured that gate ran smoothly
All of the teachers, who spent time to help others learn new skills and 
All of the students, who ensured that the teachers were not alone, and 
listened and learned what was offered
Everyone, at the end of the day, who pitched in to clean the hall and 
classrooms.  This extra bit of effort is what makes it easier for all of us 
to enjoy good sites like the College in the future.

It is all of you, pulling together and making events fun that makes living 
in Elfsea great!

Alejandro y Amalia
Barón y Baronesa 

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