[Elfsea] Competitions at College Thank You

Bill Perkins bill.perkins at sbcglobal.net
Sun Nov 13 08:59:27 PST 2011

Salutations from Alejandro and Amalia

In addition to a day of learning, We also selected a new Artisan and Bard of Elfsea. Additionally, people contributed to the supply of charters and insignia of the Kingdom. 

A select few coordinated those competitions and we appreciate their work

Baroness Alys for her work as the past Bard of Elfsea and helping Us run the bardic
Lady Katrine for running the insignia and charter competition, and graciously providing wonderful prizes
Master Timur for representing Elfsea over the past year as Artisan and providing excellent prizes to the new Artisan

We appreciate all of the entrants work and willingness to compete  yesterday. 

Congratulations unto our newest Artisan, Mistress Radegund of Tours, and our newest Bard, Lord Alessandro Sorenzo Zorzi!

Alejandro y Amalia
Barón y Baronesa

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