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>From a group of few, some mighty things have happened!

Along with our Baron's words, I wish to add:

Thank you Lord Franklin for managing the "ever growing" event that was Elfsea Defender 2013.  He was expecting our Baronial defender, and it grew into so much more.  You were great at making sure all was handled efficiently, and without any discourse.. The comments about how great this event was, were more then just a few.

Master Caelin, i asked the impossible when no taverns stepped up to serve food at the event, and You delivered......more than i asked for.  Thank you, and your staff: HL Ker Megan, Don Sebastian, and Todd.  This could not have been done without these great people.  Thank you very much.

Dragonsfire Tor....You guys rock!! Thank you for everything you do...

For those that were here, early on friday....until 6 (yes, i said 6) sunday evening...then shed loading until 9 pm....thank you for the hard work, and dedication, it takes to make these events successful.  

On a more personal note: thank you for making my years as Seneschal interesting, fun, and for all the hard work to pull off the amount of events, and demos, we did.  I appreciate it, and the office is in the capable hands of The Barony's new Seneschal, Don Sebastian.

In Service,

HL Elspeth de Stervlen

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Greetings unto Elfsea from Alejandro, Baron
I am humbled by the hard work we all do, to ensure our friends visiting 
Elfsea enjoy their time.  I heard from many people, during the day, that 
they were having fun at Defender – and that is because of all the work you do to 
ensure the event is a success!
Thank you to Lord Franklin and Her Ladyship Elspeth for “herding all the 
cats” and taking care of problems that might have occurred.
Thank you to Dragonsfire Tor for taking care of the Travellers Fare on 
Friday, and Breakfast on Saturday.
Thank you to Master Caelin and Her Ladyship Elspeth for stepping up at the 
last second, putting together a wonderful tavern, and ensure we all had good and 
tasty food.
Thank you to Her Excellency Druinne for the scrolls that I was able to give 
to the new Defenders.
Thank you to Lady Katrine la Escolpiera and the scribal guild for painting 
Defender, Keystone, and Portcullis scrolls.
Lastly, thank you to Her Excellency Amalia.  I value our time together 
as Baron and Baroness and I wish you the best.
Sir Alejandro
Baron of Elfsea
Lord of Dragonsfire Tor

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