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Mon Apr 8 11:36:21 PDT 2013

Unto the Grand Barony of Elfsea, Greetings;

     It is now official, there is a new Seneschal for our illustrious Barony.  

     Let me start off by saying thank you to Alejandro and Amalia for having the 
faith to allow me this opportunity to further serve our Barony.  It is not a 
trust that I shall take lightly.

     To the HL Elspeth de Stervlen who has served this Barony tirelessly for 
over two years as our Seneschal, thank you just does not seem to cover it. Most 
of us will never know the dragons you slayed, the mountains you turned into mole 
hills or the mole hills you never let become mountains. Thank you for your 
dedication, perserverance and sacrifices.
     As your new Seneschal I am looking forward to working with everyone in this 
Barony.  We have a reputation as being one of the funnest, most sociable "can 
do" Baronies in Ansteorra.  I believe that is because we have a populace that 
works well together.  As your new Seneschal I want us to maintain that ability, 
that is why I want your input.  If their is something you feel I need 
to address, please come to me and let me know.  There wll be decisions I must 
make on short notice that is the nature of things.  Given a choice, I prefer to 
have input from multiple sources.  Just as many hands make for light work, many 
view points can make for a more informed decision.  

     I am your Seneschal, please let me know what is going on in our Barony.

Yours In Service
Don Sebastian Frobishire, CSM, CAO
Barony of Elfsea
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