[Elfsea] MORE Items found at Defender

Tamara Carlton tamara at carltons.net
Fri Apr 12 06:20:52 PDT 2013

A green ceramic mug
A large Rattan Weapon
A house key
A Broach.

Elfsea exchequer

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Subject: [Ansteorra] Items found at Defender

Greetings to all who attended Elfsea Defender 2013 last weekend,

I have a few lost & founds – mostly founds.


A pair of glasses found at Gate.

A small cloth case with a small pair of scissors inside.

What looks to be a large leather mug with something hanging from the handle.


We may be adding to this list as we get unpacked.

Please email me if you think one of these items belong to you or if you have 
lost or found something.

In your service,

Lord Franklin Whitenhale of Cheshire

Event Steward

texast at oldstyle.net

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