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Thu Nov 11 08:02:58 PST 1999

Greetings to the populace of the cantons of Westgate and Gate's Edge from 
Stephen Macthomas:

Our weekend to host TRF is almost upon us.  Here's a rundown of the 
activities we have planned so far ...

House Navarre will hold its annual Prize Tourney this weekend.  The prize for 
the Chivalric and Rapier winners will be those spiffalicious war tabards that 
Lady Sara Navarre produces.  Thanks to Lady Sara and House Navarre for 
sponsoring the tournaments this weekend.

We are asking each fighter who knows Baroness Adelicia Brabent to fight at 
least one round on the battle mound in her honor.  Her Excellency recently 
endured a lengthy and frightening hospital stay and we are overjoyed that she 
is home and doing well.  She will be joining us on Saturday we're happy to 
report, and we're looking forward to having her back in our midst.  In 
addition, she recently celebrated her birthday (I think it's her 34th, maybe 
35th) and so the cause for celebration is doubled.

A&S will be at least partially mundane populace vote.  We'll try to ask our 
guests to take a minute or two to look over each of the artisans' works and 
to choose which they liked best.  I'd like to present a prize for populace 
choice as well as our own choice.

The Bardic competition will (theoretically) be a challenge tournament, run in 
this manner: One bard shall challenge another.  These two go find a crowd and 
perform one piece each for them.  The bards then call their own shots, and if 
there's not a clear winner, the crowd gets the tiebreaking "vote" to decide 
the victor.  The "wins" are tallied, just as we do the marshalate 
tournaments.  Please note that this is a very embryonic idea, and we're wide 
open for ways of making this work.  The end concept is to entertain our 
mundane guests and to show them what the bards of the SCA are made of.  If a 
challenge tourney works, wonderful; if not, there's always Plan B.

We are still in need of prizes for the A&S and Bardic competitions.  Please 
contact me ASAP if you can contribute.

The Saturday evening's feast will be prepared by Milady Constance and Lady 
Seren.  Tacos and burritos for all, with a tortilla soup being prepared by 
Lady Ayla.  Should be wonderful eats for all.

The Canton of Gate's Edge has challenged the Canton of Westgate to a skittles 
match on Saturday evening, for fun and bragging rights.  Naturally, the 
winners get a big bag of Skittles (what else?) to share and distribute as 
they will.

The final weekend of the mask competition is going to be held on Sunday, 
immediately following the fighters' return from the 4:00 demo on the mound.  
We will first have the weekly competition, and then have the finals.  The 
weekly competition is to be populace choice by applause, but the finals will 
be judged.  If you would like to be a judge for this competition, please let 
me know.  The overall winner will receive a block print entitled "St. 
Michael" which was created by Lady Linnette and displayed at Kingdom A&S.  
This is a large print and it is one of only four prints made from the block.  
Lady Linnette has numbered and signed the print.

If you would like to participate this weekend, but *haven't* signed up for 
passes, please do so as soon as possible by e-mailing either myself or HL 
Brian (cobalt60 at  Be sure you let us know which day you'll be 
heading out and who you'll need passes for.  Troll is outside of Kim's Pizza, 
which is directly across from the main entrance of TRF.  Look for us in the 
space between Kim's and the convenience store there.  Troll will be open on 
Friday evening from 6 pm to 1 am, and on Saturday and Sunday from 8 to 11 am.

Remember that your best garb is suggested, and that no visible mundane 
clothing can be visible.  Masks are highly encouraged, especially for those 
participating in the Grand Parade each day at noon.  If you have newcomers 
that need assistance with garb, please coordinate with each other so we can 
all put our best foot forward.

(We are in need of garb for an adult male, medium build, here in Gate's Edge. 
 If you can assist with loaner garb, please contact me privately.)

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to e-mail me 
(stephenmacthomas at or call me (281-651-0781).  Normally I prefer my 
phone to ring before 9 pm but since it's crunch time, late night calls are 
forgiven tonight.

In your service,
Lord Stephen Macthomas, Weekend Steward
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