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> Greetings to the populace of the cantons of Westgate and
> Gate's Edge from 
> Stephen Macthomas:

> Our weekend to host TRF is almost upon us.  Here's a
> rundown of the 
> activities we have planned so far ...
> House Navarre will hold its annual Prize Tourney this
> weekend.  The prize for 
> the Chivalric and Rapier winners will be those
> spiffalicious war tabards that 
> Lady Sara Navarre produces.  Thanks to Lady Sara and
> House Navarre for 
> sponsoring the tournaments this weekend.
> We are asking each fighter who knows Baroness Adelicia
> Brabent to fight at 
> least one round on the battle mound in her honor.  Her
> Excellency recently 
> endured a lengthy and frightening hospital stay and we
> are overjoyed that she 
> is home and doing well.  She will be joining us on
> Saturday we're happy to 
> report, and we're looking forward to having her back in
> our midst.  In 
> addition, she recently celebrated her birthday (I think
> it's her 34th, maybe 
> 35th) and so the cause for celebration is doubled.
> A&S will be at least partially mundane populace vote.
> We'll try to ask our 
> guests to take a minute or two to look over each of the
> artisans' works and 
> to choose which they liked best.  I'd like to present a
> prize for populace 
> choice as well as our own choice.
> The Bardic competition will (theoretically) be a
> challenge tournament, run in 
> this manner: One bard shall challenge another.  These two
> go find a crowd and 
> perform one piece each for them.  The bards then call
> their own shots, and if 
> there's not a clear winner, the crowd gets the
> tiebreaking "vote" to decide 
> the victor.  The "wins" are tallied, just as we do the
> marshalate 
> tournaments.  Please note that this is a very embryonic
> idea, and we're wide 
> open for ways of making this work.  The end concept is to
> entertain our 
> mundane guests and to show them what the bards of the SCA
> are made of.  If a 
> challenge tourney works, wonderful; if not, there's
> always Plan B.
> We are still in need of prizes for the A&S and Bardic
> competitions.  Please 
> contact me ASAP if you can contribute.
> The Saturday evening's feast will be prepared by Milady
> Constance and Lady 
> Seren.  Tacos and burritos for all, with a tortilla soup
> being prepared by 
> Lady Ayla.  Should be wonderful eats for all.
> The Canton of Gate's Edge has challenged the Canton of
> Westgate to a skittles 
> match on Saturday evening, for fun and bragging rights.
> Naturally, the 
> winners get a big bag of Skittles (what else?) to share
> and distribute as 
> they will.
> The final weekend of the mask competition is going to be
> held on Sunday, 
> immediately following the fighters' return from the 4:00
> demo on the mound.  
> We will first have the weekly competition, and then have
> the finals.  The 
> weekly competition is to be populace choice by applause,
> but the finals will 
> be judged.  If you would like to be a judge for this
> competition, please let 
> me know.  The overall winner will receive a block print
> entitled "St. 
> Michael" which was created by Lady Linnette and displayed
> at Kingdom A&S.  
> This is a large print and it is one of only four prints
> made from the block.  
> Lady Linnette has numbered and signed the print.
> If you would like to participate this weekend, but
> *haven't* signed up for 
> passes, please do so as soon as possible by e-mailing
> either myself or HL 
> Brian (cobalt60 at  Be sure you let us know which
> day you'll be 
> heading out and who you'll need passes for.  Troll is
> outside of Kim's Pizza, 
> which is directly across from the main entrance of TRF.
> Look for us in the 
> space between Kim's and the convenience store there.
> Troll will be open on 
> Friday evening from 6 pm to 1 am, and on Saturday and
> Sunday from 8 to 11 am.
> Remember that your best garb is suggested, and that no
> visible mundane 
> clothing can be visible.  Masks are highly encouraged,
> especially for those 
> participating in the Grand Parade each day at noon.  If
> you have newcomers 
> that need assistance with garb, please coordinate with
> each other so we can 
> all put our best foot forward.
> (We are in need of garb for an adult male, medium build,
> here in Gate's Edge. 
>  If you can assist with loaner garb, please contact me
> privately.)
> If anyone has any questions, please feel free to e-mail
> me 
> (stephenmacthomas at or call me (281-651-0781).
> Normally I prefer my 
> phone to ring before 9 pm but since it's crunch time,
> late night calls are 
> forgiven tonight.
> In your service,
> Lord Stephen Macthomas, Weekend Steward
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Help. We want to be a part of this weekend, but we don't
know what to do. We are but poor (newcomers with no garb)My
wife (size 10) my newphew (age 7 small) and my self (tall &
large) would love to particapate if any one can help.

Please contact me, Thanks


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Fax: (281) 444-0630
Pager: (281) 278-9307
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