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Tue Nov 16 13:00:01 PST 1999

Greetings to the lists from Lord Stephen Macthomas, herald and deputy 
seneschal of the Canton of Gate's Edge!

I apologize in advance for the inevitable duplication of bandwidth that comes 
from mailing announcements to multiple lists.

The SCA newcomers' meetings for the northern portions of the Barony of 
Stargate and the Canton of Gate's Edge will begin this Thursday, November 
18th at 7:30 pm at my home.  The schedule of these meetings is as follows:

Nov 18 - The Basics: SCA 101 and Costuming
Dec 2 - The Marshalate: Chivalric, Rapier, Archery and Equestrian Activities
Dec 9 - The Rest: A&S, Heraldry and an Open Discussion of All Things SCAdian

SCA 101 is a brief overview of the SCA designed to give our newcomers a 
general familiarity with the Society and the Dream.  This class will be 
taught by Honorable Lady Annes Clotilde von Bamburg.

Costuming is a basic run-down of costuming styles and more detailed 
instructions on how to create a T-tunic, a simple but very practical piece of 
garb.  This class will be run by Lady Angharad Rhonddha.

If you are a newcomer and wish to participate in these classes, please 
contact me and let me know your intent as soon as possible, so that our 
instructors know how many sets of class materials need to be prepared.  
(Besides, my apartment only holds so many people!)  You may either call me at 
281-651-0781 or e-mail me at stephenmacthomas at to reply.  If you are a 
former newcomer and wish to attend, you are cordially invited to do so - the 
more, the merrier.

Each of these meetings will start on the usual SCA meeting schedule: start 
arriving at 7:00 pm and we'll start meeting at 7:30.  Because of the amount 
of information covered each evening, we expect that each night will end 
around 9:30 or so.  Drinks will be provided to all and all are invited to 
bring the finger food/munchie of their choice.

To reach my home, take your best route to Interstate 45 and exit on 
Cypresswood.  Turn west onto Cypresswood and pass through the Holzwarth 
intersection.  Take your next right onto Hickory Twig Way, past the 
commercial lots and gentle S-curve.  Take a right into the main entrance of 
Cypresswood Crossing Apartments and dial 055 to let me buzz you through the 
gate.  My building is the one to your right as you're dialing in.  To park, 
head all the way down the drive, turn right, turn right again and park as 
near the exit gate as possible.  I'm in apartment 55, the second door along 
the fence.

I hope to see many of you here for what promises to be an exciting and 
education series of get-togethers.

In your service,
Stephen Macthomas

P.S.  If you know of a newcomer who is in the area and would be interested in 
attending these meetings, please pass this info along to them as soon as 
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