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 StephenMacthomas at wrote:
> Greetings to the lists from Lord Stephen Macthomas,
> herald and deputy 
> seneschal of the Canton of Gate's Edge!
> I apologize in advance for the inevitable duplication of
> bandwidth that comes 
> from mailing announcements to multiple lists.
> The SCA newcomers' meetings for the northern portions of
> the Barony of 
> Stargate and the Canton of Gate's Edge will begin this
> Thursday, November 
> 18th at 7:30 pm at my home.  The schedule of these
> meetings is as follows:
> Nov 18 - The Basics: SCA 101 and Costuming
> Dec 2 - The Marshalate: Chivalric, Rapier, Archery and
> Equestrian Activities
> Dec 9 - The Rest: A&S, Heraldry and an Open Discussion of
> All Things SCAdian
> SCA 101 is a brief overview of the SCA designed to give
> our newcomers a 
> general familiarity with the Society and the Dream.  This
> class will be 
> taught by Honorable Lady Annes Clotilde von Bamburg.
> Costuming is a basic run-down of costuming styles and
> more detailed 
> instructions on how to create a T-tunic, a simple but
> very practical piece of 
> garb.  This class will be run by Lady Angharad Rhonddha.
> If you are a newcomer and wish to participate in these
> classes, please 
> contact me and let me know your intent as soon as
> possible, so that our 
> instructors know how many sets of class materials need to
> be prepared.  
> (Besides, my apartment only holds so many people!)  You
> may either call me at 
> 281-651-0781 or e-mail me at stephenmacthomas at to
> reply.  If you are a 
> former newcomer and wish to attend, you are cordially
> invited to do so - the 
> more, the merrier.
> Each of these meetings will start on the usual SCA
> meeting schedule: start 
> arriving at 7:00 pm and we'll start meeting at 7:30.
> Because of the amount 
> of information covered each evening, we expect that each
> night will end 
> around 9:30 or so.  Drinks will be provided to all and
> all are invited to 
> bring the finger food/munchie of their choice.
> To reach my home, take your best route to Interstate 45
> and exit on 
> Cypresswood.  Turn west onto Cypresswood and pass through
> the Holzwarth 
> intersection.  Take your next right onto Hickory Twig
> Way, past the 
> commercial lots and gentle S-curve.  Take a right into
> the main entrance of 
> Cypresswood Crossing Apartments and dial 055 to let me
> buzz you through the 
> gate.  My building is the one to your right as you're
> dialing in.  To park, 
> head all the way down the drive, turn right, turn right
> again and park as 
> near the exit gate as possible.  I'm in apartment 55, the
> second door along 
> the fence.
> I hope to see many of you here for what promises to be an
> exciting and 
> education series of get-togethers.
> In your service,
> Stephen Macthomas
> P.S.  If you know of a newcomer who is in the area and
> would be interested in 
> attending these meetings, please pass this info along to
> them as soon as 
> possible.
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