GE - An SCA demo for First Night?

Phillip Toland p.toland at
Tue Aug 15 18:45:12 PDT 2000

So far I have only heard from two other people interested in doing it.  If
the populace wants it I will organize a bid but I need to hear from the

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> >  Just got this message and was wondering if there would be interest in
> >  putting on an SCA demo to be held at The Woodlands First Night
> celebration
> >  to be held Dec. 31, 2000.  I need to know if people are
> interested because
> >  the proposal is due by this Sunday.
> Sounds like fun to me.  Caelainn, would you be willing to take
> the ball and
> run with it if we decide to do this one?  This could also be
> passed along to
> the populaces of Stargate and Westgate should we get a proposal
> together.
> The more the merrier, especially for New Year's Eve.
> Stephen
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