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It sounds like an excellent idea.

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Subject:  GE - New Peerage Proposal

Got this off one of the other lists that at I am subscribed to and thought
that some of you here might be interested.




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Subject: [SCA-West] New Peerage Proposal
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            New Peerage Proposal

A proposal for an new peerage to cover areas not fully covered by
our current SCA -wide award structure, has been put together for
presentation to the BOD. This proposed additional peerage would cover,
but not be limited to, prowess and skill in the skills of the field:
Archery, equestrian activities, the hunt, non tournament war skills(such
as siege, missile combat, pike, scouting, etc), rapier combat and thrown

A copy of the proposal is available at:

If you do not have web access you can obtain a copy by Email. by sending a
blank request to:

sirjon at

with - proposal copy -  in the subject line.

A copy may also be obtained by sending a SASE, business size, to:

Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf
c/o John R. Edgerton
7662 Wells Ave
Newark, CA

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