GE - The Gate's Edge Web Site (or lack thereof)

Jack and Kerry Moore jack.moore at
Fri Jan 7 18:19:43 PST 2000

1.  When was first searching for an SCA group to play with in this area I
was frustrated by the fact that Gate's Edge has basically zer0 presence on
the web.  I think that it is important that we be represented on the net, so
I took a few minutes to write us a page.  This is the url where you can go
look at it This has not been linked
to anything I just put it on my server so that you all can see it.

2.  Let me know what you think.  Please pay specific attention to how your
name should be spelled, whether you want your E-mail address on the page and
what things you think I should add or omit.  Basically any suggestion more
constructive than "Bad viking, no biscuit" would be appreciated.  I did not
include direction on how to get to populous or how to get on this list.  Do
you think I should?  I'm hoping that using this page as a base we can, as a
group, come up with something we can link into the kingdom page.

3.  Our event really needs a page too.  Please let me know the information
that I need to fill the blanks in my placeholder page.

4.   If someone else wants to be virtual scribe please feel free to take
over my page, or write your own.  But someone has to commit to updating our
site, interfacing with Pug, etc.  I'm willing to do it if no one else wants
to.  Let me know.

In service,

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