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1 a.No offence, but I think a link that goes to Stargate actually confuses
people.  When I was getting started, I tried to contact you and Signy (it
listed her as the hospitaler) without success and ended up contacting Ian,
going to Stargate populous and hooking up with Stephen there.
1b. I stole the disclaimer off the kingdom page, so it should be OK.
1c. No I haven't talked to pug, I wanted to get a page that everyone had
seen and agreed on first.

2.  Email yes, address no, is standard.  I'll put direction to populous and
how to get on the list.

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>Jack and Kerry Moore wrote:
>> 1.  When was first searching for an SCA group to play with in this area I
>> was frustrated by the fact that Gate's Edge has basically zer0 presence
>> the web.  I think that it is important that we be represented on the net,
>> I took a few minutes to write us a page.  This is the url where you can
>> look at it
>> This has not been
>> to anything I just put it on my server so that you all can see it.
>It looks very nice and quite professional.  We DO have a link on the
>page.  It does go to the Stargate page however.  But my email (and soon my
>sucessor's email) is available on that page.  I did like the way it looked
>you do have a lot of neat stuff there.  Lord Steven set up the GE list and
>have some comments.  As for legal stuff from a seneschal's angle, the
>at the end looks like it covers just about everything.  Have you contacted
>and discussed the page with him?  He would be able tot ell you if that
>disclaimer needed anything.  I also believe he would be the one to
authorize the
>link into the Ansteorran page.
>> 2.  Let me know what you think.  Please pay specific attention to how
>> name should be spelled, whether you want your E-mail address on the page
>> what things you think I should add or omit.  Basically any suggestion
>> constructive than "Bad viking, no biscuit" would be appreciated.  I did
>> include direction on how to get to populous or how to get on this list.
>> you think I should?  I'm hoping that using this page as a base we can, as
>> group, come up with something we can link into the kingdom page.
>My name is spelled just fine.  Yes to email.  No to personal phone #'s.
Yes to
>directions to populace.  Yes to directions to join the GE list.  No to
>addresses.  This is pretty much the way Kingdom handles it.  Email is
>screenable.  Even tho we publish our personal addresses etc. in our
>that is a bit more discretionary than the web.
>> 3.  Our event really needs a page too.  Please let me know the
>> that I need to fill the blanks in my placeholder page.
>You could add that Caitlin is the "evil and perverse despot"  er....on
>though perhaps autocrat is fine.  Seren is feastocrat.  Their emails would
>ok.  Cait needs to ge the site confirmed but it should be at St. Thomas
> that for later.
>> 4.   If someone else wants to be virtual scribe please feel free to take
>> over my page, or write your own.  But someone has to commit to updating
>> site, interfacing with Pug, etc.  I'm willing to do it if no one else
>> to.  Let me know.
>Have at it.  I liked the runes by the way.
>> In service,
>> Thorvaaldr
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